Clayton Falk M.A., Registered Psychologist & Canadian Certified Counsellor

Welcome! I'm a Registered Psychologist and Canadian Certified Counsellor passionate about supporting individuals and couples through their unique journeys. My professional path has been anything but ordinary, beginning with electrical work, which has imbued me with a practical, grounded approach to therapy. My career has evolved through diverse roles, including volunteer firefighter/paid-on-call firefighter, emergency medical responder, correctional officer, and youth correctional service worker—experiences that have profoundly enriched my understanding of human resilience and adversity.

As a co-founder and co-owner of Effective Solutions Counselling & Consulting Inc. and Airdrie Counselling Centre Inc., I bring over sixteen years of counselling experience to my practice. My life outside of work, as a devoted husband and father of four, profoundly informs my compassionate and empathetic approach to counselling. This blend of professional expertise and personal insight enables me to connect with clients meaningfully, guiding them toward growth and healing.

I specialize in various evidence-based therapies for individuals facing personal challenges, including solution-focused and cognitive-behavioural treatments. Deeply committed to couples counselling, I work to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and rebuild trust between partners, employing evidence-based methods like the Gottman Model, among others, to support couples in navigating their relationship's complexities. My personal and professional experiences combine to offer empathetic, informed support for those seeking personal growth, improved mental health, and stronger, more fulfilling relationships. I aim to be a trusted guide, helping individuals and couples uncover their strengths, navigate life's challenges, and foster lasting bonds.

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